Baby Birdnest – Nest for Sleeping


Our Baby Birdnests are made in Finland out of comfortable mulesing-free merino wool.

Merino wool is a gorgeously soft and warm material. This is the perfect antibacterial material for babies with sensitive skin. The nest is an incredibly soft and safe place for your baby to rest and marvel at the world in.

If something gets spilled on the sleeping nest and it leaves a stain, you should remove the stain immediately. Rinse the stained spot under cold running water until the stain disappears. Place towels on both sides of the wet spot and dab until the spot is dry. Place the Baby Birdnest on an even surface with good air flow until the nest is completely dry. You may also use a freezer or subzero temperatures outside to get rid of bacteria. Make sure that your Baby Birdnest is completely dry and warm before placing your baby in it. Please note that this material should not be washed in a washing machine. You may use, for example, a baby gauze fabric to cover the nest.

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The merino wool we use is pre-spun. Pre-spun merino wool is not coiled like in traditional yarn. Small threads might come off the nest. This does not mean that the product is faulty. It is just a feature that comes with this material. You may remove these threads by rotating them and pulling in the same direction that they are positioned in the wool. Remove dust and animal hair by shaking the nest. Shaking will also even out any stretched-out loops in the material.

Baby Birdnest dimensions are 75x40x15cm, for 0–6-month-olds. Each Baby Birdnest is a “made for order” product. Delivery time is 10–14 days.

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Jos unipesään tulee nestemäisiä tahroja, poista tahrat heti. Huuhtele tahran kohta kylmässä, juoksevassa vedessä kunnes tahra on poissa. Laita pestyn kohdan molemmille puolille kuivat pyyhkeet, painele kuivaksi. Kuivaa Baby birdnest tasaiselle ja ilmavalle alustalle kunnes se on täysin kuiva. Voit käyttää myös pakastamista bakteerien poistamisessa. Anna Baby birdnestin kuivua ja lämmetä täysin ennen kuin laitat siihen vauvan.

Huomioithan ettei materiaalia tule pestä pesukoneessa. Voit käyttää suojauksessa esimerkiksi harsoliinaa.


75 x 40 x 15 cm, 0-6 kk