Yours Mine Design footmuff is made from soft and warm merino wool. Your little one can use it on strollers and fall asleep and dream big in this soft footmuff.


We made footmuffs on order by requested. Delivery time is 5-12 weekday.

For more colors and combinations please contact


Color: Grey-white (grey bottom, white cover) and baby pink/lila

Size: 40 x 100cm

Material: 100% mulesing free merino wool

Prescription: We recommend only to shake up


Designed and hand-made in Finland

HarmaanlilaHarmaanlilaHarmaa pohja, luonnonvalkoinen peittoHarmaa pohja, luonnonvalkoinen peitto
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Love, warmness and safety in the same package


Footmuff is multi-functin and you can use it indoors and outdoors. Example if you’re on walk with your baby on trolleys and you want to stop on cafe. Just take your baby together with footmuff inside cafe, sit down and have a cup coffee and sweetie. Baby keeps the warmness inside footmuff. Quality time for you and your baby!


Soft and warm foormuff is good place for the little one get to know the world. See the first snow flakes and feel the first sun lights in the spring and summer.


Merino wool works well in Finnish weather. It effectively absorbs air, creating a heat-insulating layer that keeps your baby warm when the mercury drops below fairly zero, but on the other hand it cool down when the heat comes. Footmuff provides to your little one a correct environment.


Footmuff is perfect combination of love, warm and safety – all those things what your baby needs to see the surrounded big world.

Additional information

Dimensions 100 × 40 cm

Harmaa, Luonnonvalkoinen, Harmaanlila, Harmaa pohja, luonnonvalkoinen peitto